Can you influence your online public ?

Do you know that Singapore has the highest Internet penetration rate in South East Asia? Or that we own an average of 3.3 digital devices per person?

PR has now shifted from an offline to online world. We use Google to search for news updates, read online articles, share interesting content on Facebook, or connect with business associates on LinkedIn. The success and failure of your PR efforts are increasingly determined by how searchable and shareable your content is on social media.

To succeed these days, you need to acquire new social and digital PR skills to engage and influence your online publics.

What do you gain from this workshop ?

This one-day workshop equips you with a working knowledge of digital and social media. It equips you with the basic skills needed to create impactful content for social media channels like blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You will also learn to detect trending news topics, optimize content for search engines and social media, manage online communities, and measure online PR results.

Workshop Outline

Understand digital and social media

Understanding Digital and Social Media

  • How the world looks like on digital
  • Understanding online audiences
  • Searchable, Snackable and Shareable Content
Marketing basics and creating content

Create Social Media Content

  • How to blog like an influencer
  • Mastering Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram
Manage social media communities

Manage Social Media Communities

  • Four steps to building online communities
  • Managing online crises
  • Engaging influencers
Measure social media public relations

Measure Social Media PR

  • Defining social media objectives
  • Tracking social media performance

Who Should Attend

Business owners, VPs and Marketing directors, PR directors, Marcom directors, social media managers, community managers, bloggers, digital marketing executives, PR executives, account managers, account executives, and anybody who needs to use social media to attract customers and prospects, cultivate leads, deepen customer relationships, increase brand awareness, improve public perception and drive sales.

What Trainees Said

"Walter has good insights in the social media field for PR practitioners. Coming from a marcom background, it is interesting to know what’s going on, on the other side (metrics etc). Thanks for conducting the course!"

Lynette Lee
Institute of Technical Education

"Very informative course. Thought it would cover stuff we already know but ended up learning lots of new stuff."

Karen Sum
Institute of Technical Education

Walter Lim - Chief Content Strategist who posseses a wealth of experience in content & social media marketing, PR, strategy, and industry development.

Bio of Walter Lim, Director and Editor of Cooler Insights

Walter has over 20 years of senior management experience in marketing communications, public relations, industry development, campaign and events marketing and strategic planning.

A seasoned business blogger, he has been a judge for the Singapore Blog Awards for the past 5 years, and has spoken at multiple conferences and workshops on topics such as branding, public relations, social media marketing, and government-citizen engagement.

Walter specialises in brand storytelling, content marketing, social PR, and online campaign management. His consulting clients include major government agencies, MNCs, and SMEs from the education, fin-tech, retail, FMCG, financial, healthcare, and legal sectors. He is also an associate lecturer in marketing, advertising, and communications at a polytechnic.